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What kind of music can I expect to hear at Club Dada?

Every kind of music. Yup. We never could decide on a specific genre so what the hell, we showcase them all! You like Rock? Classical? Bluegrass? Alternative? We gotcha covered. Soul? Jazz? Polka? The Blues? Check our schedule page for coming attractions. We also feature international acts. There was this one chick who played air, you had to have been there.

From their website:
Club Dada originated with several members of Victor Dada, an avant garde performance art group that performed around town in the early 1980's. It all started at the St. Valentine's Day Sex Massacre at Tahiti's on lower Greenville Avenue, February 14th 1986.

David Border and Doak Boettiger wanted to have a performance space where Victor Dada could perform and have their own place to drink. Tom Henvey thought that would be a grand idea and joined in. He suggested Deep Ellum was the place to be and indeed it was. The old Blues and Jazz tradition of days gone by created the energy for new music. We were Don Cass's first tenant. The courtyard was the crown jewel. We started out around one third of the original size and kept growing for the next 17 years.

Local and national acts graced our stages: The New Bohemians, Horton Heat, AC/DC, Tiny Tim, Joe Walsh stopped by... Todd Rundgren, Shoso, Jim Messina, Paul Simon stopped by... Blues Traveller, Kinky Friedman, Oliver Stone dropped by... The Subdudes, The Jayhawks, Shawn Phillips, Billy Gibbons stopped by... Sara Hickman, Ten Hands, Fever in the Funk House, Spot, Trees, Loco Gringos, Feet First, Earl Harvin, Josh Allen, Little Sister, Ian Moore, Pat Green, The Dixie Chicks, Spalding Gray stopped by, Mr. Peppermint, Rev. Bob, and Danny Glover even shot a movie here...


2720 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226